Street Fashion Meets Music ( Baby Keem “The MelodicBlues”)

Street Fashion Meets Music ( Baby Keem “The MelodicBlues”)

Baby Keem dropped his album on Friday. I’ve loved his music from he came out, Favourite previous song is “Bullies” That still gets played on repeat 💃🏾

Baby Keem’s new album “The Melodic Blue” is a good album, definitely enjoyed the album. Loved that Kendrick Lamar hand a part to play with this album.
Favourite songs on the album:

1. Booman

2. Family Ties with Kendrick Lamar)

3. Lost Souls

4. Gorgeous 

I’m going to rate this album a 7/10 

Let me know what you think of the album?  Did you know the album was out?  What’s your favourite song?



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Love the blog and clothing but i’ll be completely honest this album was sub par i feel kendrick has had a massive affect on keem the weird adlibs and beat switches it was all over the place. It’s clb and donda for me


Haven’t listened yet, but definitely will. Cool blog 😎


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