How to style joggers for a night out, while making your waist look smaller!

Firstly outside is finally back open, I think we’re all ready for a night out!

Only thing is after being indoors and looking scruffy for how long, the thought of dressing up and wearing heels is fun but daunting. Who agrees?

So how about we let you in on our little secret đŸ€«Â 

Joggers are a must have in everyone’s wardrobe, from baggy to slim fit. And if you don’t have joggers or just want to update the ones you’ve got, don’t worry we got you 😉

So let’s get into it. Visualise this cute fit with me.

Look One: Outfit: White slim fit joggers, black open back crop top. Shoe Game: Black and white Jordan 1s. Hair: sleek bun with baby hairs. Jewellery: big gold hoop earrings, 3 layered gold chain, gold rings, three on each hand. Fragrance: Chanel.

Look Two: Outfit:  Pink baggy joggers, white high leg bodysuit. Shoe Game: Yeezys. Hair: Low slick ponytail with a side part, baby hairs (always). Jewellery: Big gold hoop earrings (always lol) & a gold watch. Fragrance: Jimmy Choo.

Both fits can also be worn with heels (if you’re ready to put the heels back on ). How to rock these outfits with heels, simply pull up the ankle of the joggers, just so they’re sitting just below your calf and add your heels. Outfit is good to go, by the way any colour joggers and top will complete this look.

Now that’s what you call a outfit girl. I can guarantee you, that you’ll get more head turns than someone in a dress. Let me explain why. These outfits are big energy fashion and not follow fashion, it’s a statement.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOT! Wearing joggers with a crop top or a bodysuit will make your waist look smaller and give you a hour glass figure. BIG FACTS