Street Fashion Meets Music ( Baby Keem “The MelodicBlues”)

Street Fashion Meets Music ( Baby Keem “The MelodicBlues”)

Baby Keem dropped his album on Friday. I’ve loved his music from he came out, Favourite previous song is “Bullies” That still gets played on repeat 💃🏾

Baby Keem’s new album “The Melodic Blue” is a good album, definitely enjoyed the album. Loved that Kendrick Lamar hand a part to play with this album.
Favourite songs on the album:

1. Booman

2. Family Ties with Kendrick Lamar)

3. Lost Souls

4. Gorgeous 

I’m going to rate this album a 7/10 

Let me know what you think of the album?  Did you know the album was out?  What’s your favourite song?




Love the blog and clothing but i’ll be completely honest this album was sub par i feel kendrick has had a massive affect on keem the weird adlibs and beat switches it was all over the place. It’s clb and donda for me


Haven’t listened yet, but definitely will. Cool blog 😎


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